Working principle of hydraulic breaker

August 18, 2023

  Working principle of hydraulic breaker:

  1. Return movement

  The hydraulic oil enters chamber 1 and chamber 8 through the high-pressure oil pipe: the valve core is pressed at the bottom dead center position by oil pressure; the piston moves upwards and moves toward chamber 5, at this time, chamber 4 communicates with chamber 7 through four round holes on the valve core , return the oil through the reversing valve.

  2. Piston movement reversing

  When the piston moves to the position shown in the figure, the high-pressure oil enters the 6th chamber through the 2nd chamber, and at this time, the 6th chamber and 8th chamber of the reversing valve are filled with equal pressure high-pressure oil. Due to the difference in shoulder area, the spool moves up.

  3. Stroke movement

  When the spool rises to the point where the round hole is connected to the 8th chamber, the high-pressure oil enters the 4th chamber through the reversing valve. The shoulders with unequal areas generate a pressure difference on the two pistons, plus the nitrogen pressure and its own gravity, the piston accelerates to move down.

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  4. Attack process

  After the striking process, the piston hits the drill rod. At this time, the middle part of the piston reaches the 2nd cavity, causing the 6th cavity to leak high-pressure oil through the 2nd cavity and the 2nd cavity. The 7 cavities are connected to complete a cycle.