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Zhengzhou Hanyun Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd 86-177-88159708 hanyun@hydraulicbreakerhammers.com
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We focus on Hydraulic Breaker Hammers, Hydraulic Excavator Hammers, Hydraulic Demolition Hammer, Hydraulic Breaker Chisels products and so on

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China Zhengzhou Hanyun Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd

Zhengzhou Hanyun Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd

Hanyun--- one leading manufacturer of hydraulic breaker hammers with 10+ years experience; Applicable carrier type: hydraulic excavators, backhoes, skid steers and loaders with different models; Foundation place: Zhengzhou city, China in 2012 Main products of Hanyun are as below: 1. Hydraulic breaker hammers; 2. Breaker chisels ; 3. Excavator compactors; 4. Hydraulic pulverizer; 5. Excavator quick hitches; 6. Excavator breaker pistons. 7. Excavator breaker attachments.

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