Zhengzhou Hanyun Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd

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Main Market North America, South America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Eastern Asia, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, Oceania, Worldwide
Business Type Manufacturer, Distributor/Wholesaler, Exporter, Seller
No. of Employees 200~210
Annual Sales 16,700,000-30,000,000
Year Established 2012
Export p.c 60% - 70%


Hanyun--- one leading manufacturer of hydraulic breaker hammers with 10+ years experience;

Applicable carrier type: hydraulic excavators, backhoes, skid steers and loaders with different models;

Foundation place: Zhengzhou city, China in 2012

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Main products of Hanyun are as below:

1. Hydraulic breaker hammers;

2. Breaker chisels ;

3. Excavator compactors;

4. Hydraulic pulverizer;

5. Excavator quick hitches;

6. Excavator breaker pistons.

7. Excavator breaker attachments.

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20 years ago, there had not one company called HANYUN in China,

There just had one small street store for selling hydraulic hammers and other excavator attachments.

And totally 3 employees there, including the boss.


10 years ago, our boss established one company called Hanyun Construction Machinery Co., Ltd, which is

one direct factory for manufacturing hydraulic breaker hammers and breaker chisels, with 20 workers.


Till today, at the end of 2021, HANYUN already have 4 factories with total employees 210, one factory for

fabricating hydraulic breakers, one for breaker chisels, one for excavator hammer main body, and other one

for attachments spare parts.

And the output and sales volume ranks top 3 in China market.

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Why Hanyun could grow up from one street store to one leading company?

The answer is:

  • Customers are willing to trust Hanyun and to give valuable advice, positive or negative;
  • Hanyun people are very happy to accept criticism and keep improving our products quality;
  • We cherish trust from customers and do better.

Trust is extremely expensive. Thanks very much for precious trust from our customers.

In the coming future, Hanyun will work harder to provide better hydraulic hammers and to feedback more to our customers.


Service From Hanyun:

1. Designing & Manufacturing Hydraulic Hammers, Breaker Chisels and Other Attachments;

2. Installation & Debugging Service On-site;

3. Lifetime Repairing Service;

4. Customization Service According to Different Needs from Different Customers

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Our Team

Technical Team: Design different hydraulic breaker hammers

Management Team: Manage the normal operation of the whole factory

International Business Team: Develop overseas customers, look for worldwide whosalers and

                                                promote excavator breakers there

Domestic Business Team: Promote hydraulic breaker hammers and related excavator attachments in China

Manufacturing Team: Fabricate and process hydraulic breakers

Qualty Check Team: Ensure products quality

After-sale Service Team: Products maintenance, updating and other related service


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