Zhengzhou Starts Mass Testing Amid Outbreak of Virus

January 10, 2022
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Zhengzhou launched mass COVID-19 testing since 2022-01-06 as some people

tested positive for the virus .


From 2022-01-06, Zhengzhou will continue making testing for tens of millions of people every day,

totally 7 rounds, one day one round. By operating this, we hope to control the outbreak in soonest time,

local officals said.


Under this condition, Hanyun people firmly follow the epidemic prevention policies,wearing masks,

scanning itinerary code and doing acid testing in order, which will protects ourselves better,

also protects others better.


Currently our factory is in normal production, for any orders or inquiries on hydraulic breakers and

excavator breaker chisels,just feel free to write back.


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