Factors Affecting the Strike Frequency of a Hydraulic Breaker

August 25, 2023

  The strike frequency of a hydraulic breaker, also known as a hydraulic hammer, is influenced by several factors. Here are some key factors that can affect the strike frequency of a hydraulic breaker:

  Hydraulic Flow Rate: The hydraulic flow rate, typically measured in gallons per minute (GPM) or liters per minute (LPM), is a crucial factor affecting the strike frequency. Higher flow rates result in faster operation and increased strike frequency.

  Hydraulic Pressure: The hydraulic pressure provided by the excavator or other power source plays a role in determining the strike frequency. Higher hydraulic pressure generally leads to a higher strike frequency.

  Carrier Weight and Stability: The weight and stability of the carrier machine (such as an excavator or backhoe) to which the hydraulic breaker is attached can impact the strike frequency. A stable and adequately sized carrier provides better control and allows for higher strike frequencies.

  Hydraulic Breaker Size and Weight: The size and weight of the hydraulic breaker itself can influence its strike frequency. Heavier and larger hydraulic breakers often have slower strike frequencies compared to smaller, lighter models.

  Hydraulic Oil Temperature: The temperature of the hydraulic oil can affect the performance of the hydraulic breaker, including the strike frequency. Cold oil may result in slower operation, while excessively hot oil can cause reduced efficiency and potential damage.

  Rock Hardness and Material Type: The hardness and type of the material being broken by the hydraulic breaker impact the strike frequency. Harder rocks require more force and may lead to a slower strike frequency compared to softer materials.

  Operator Skill and Experience: The skill and experience of the operator operating the hydraulic breaker can influence the strike frequency. Experienced operators can optimize the operation of the hydraulic breaker, allowing for more efficient and frequent strikes.

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  It's important to note that the strike frequency of a hydraulic breaker is often adjustable to suit different working conditions and requirements. Manufacturers provide guidelines and specifications for optimal operation, and it's recommended to follow their recommendations for achieving the desired strike frequency.