Classification of hydraulic breaker drill rods

August 31, 2023

  Breaking hammer products integrate and combine mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, and other technologies. The product structure is complex, the processing is difficult, and the product is heavy. It is a technology-intensive product. The breaker drill rod is also one of the essential accessories for breaker construction operations. Breaking hammer drill rod types can be divided into the following categories according to their shapes:

  1. Flat head drill rod. The flat-head drill rod is mainly used for crushing medium-hard stones or broken small stones. The energy of the breaker hammer is released through the large surface of the flat head, which does not produce torsional force and has a good crushing effect.

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  2. Flat drill rod. The flat drill rod is also called a straight-head drill rod and has a wide range of uses. Under the same working environment, straight drill rods are more wear-resistant, because their shape is more suitable for handling hard materials, and are suitable for excavation of sedimentary rocks, rocks with high hardness and seams, and various soft and neutral layered rocks , trenching operations.

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  3. Tapered quadrilateral drill rod. Conical quadrilateral chisel is a kind of chisel widely used in the construction of breaking hammers. It has strong penetrating power. Even very hard objects can be easily separated by the splitting force generated by its cone shape. It is suitable for It is suitable for operations with large broken areas such as mountain excavation, road construction, and house demolition.