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Concrete Hydraulic Rock Breaker Silence For 13 Ton Excavator
Place of Origin China
Brand Name HY
Certification CE
Model Number 45-200
Minimum Order Quantity 1 set/Negotiable
Price Negitionable
Packaging Details Fumigation-free plywood box or exported packages
Delivery Time 3-15 working days
Payment Terms L/C, T/T
Supply Ability 1000 sets per year
Product Details
Keyword Hydraulic Breaker For 13 Ton Excavator Similar Hydraulic Hammer Soosan, Daemo, Hanwoo
Breaker Materials High Strength Steel Q345B Hammer Chisel Materials 40Cr/42Crmo
Color Blue, Yellow, Red, Green, Orange Loading Port China Ports
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Concrete Hydraulic Rock Breaker


Hydraulic Silence Rock Breaker


13 Ton Hydraulic Excavator Hammers

Product Description

hydraulic rock breakers​ product overview:


  Hydraulic rock breakers, also known as hydraulic hammers or rock hammers, are powerful attachments used in construction, mining, and demolition industries to break or demolish rocks, concrete, and other hard materials. They are commonly mounted on excavators, backhoes, or skid steer loaders.

  Here are some key features and components of hydraulic rock breakers:

  Hydraulic System: Hydraulic rock breakers use hydraulic power to deliver high-impact blows to the material being broken. The hydraulic system consists of a hydraulic cylinder, piston, control valve, accumulator, and hydraulic hoses.

  Power Source: Hydraulic rock breakers are typically powered by the hydraulic system of the carrier machine, such as an excavator or a backhoe. The carrier machine provides the necessary hydraulic pressure and flow to operate the breaker effectively.

  Impact Mechanism: The impact mechanism of a hydraulic rock breaker consists of a piston and a chisel or moil point attached to the end of the piston. When the hydraulic pressure is applied, the piston moves rapidly, delivering a powerful impact to the material.

  Chisel or Moil Point: The chisel or moil point is the working tool of the hydraulic rock breaker. It is designed to withstand the impact forces and break the material efficiently. Different types of chisels or moil points are available to suit different applications, such as blunt-ended chisels for concrete breaking and pointed moil points for rock excavation.

  Control System: Hydraulic rock breakers have a control system that allows the operator to control the impact intensity and frequency. The control system usually includes control valves, flow regulators, and pressure adjustments.

  Mounting Bracket: Hydraulic rock breakers are attached to the carrier machine through a mounting bracket or a quick coupler. The mounting bracket provides stability and allows the breaker to be easily attached or detached from the carrier machine.

  Safety Features: Hydraulic rock breakers often include safety features to protect the operator and the equipment. These features may include anti-blank firing systems, which prevent firing the breaker when not in contact with the material, and shock-absorbing systems to reduce vibrations and impact forces on the carrier machine.

  Hydraulic rock breakers are highly versatile and can be used for various applications such as breaking rocks, concrete demolition, trenching, quarrying, and road construction. They offer efficient and precise breaking capabilities, allowing for faster and more effective work in challenging environments.


(1) What Hydraulic Rock Breaker Hammers Hanyun Produce?

1. Heavy duty hydraulic rock breaker hammers with breaker chisels diameter from 140mm to 200mm, carrier 25-70t

2. Medium-duty hydraulic rock breaker hammers with breaker chisels diameter from 85mm to 135mm, carrier 10-25t

3. Light duty hydraulic rock breaker hammers with breaker chisels diameter from 45mm to 85mm, carrier 1-10t


(2) Main technical parameters on light duty hydraulic jack hammer for excavator

Model HY45 HY53 HY68 HY75 HY85
Breaker shell (KGS) 40 60 100 200 400
Total weight (KG) 102 140 264 345 493
Size (MM) 750*270*480 830*290*570 950*330*700 1140*370*740 1270*370*800
Driving oil pressure (KG/CM2) 90-120 90-120 110-140 120-150 130-160
Driving oil flow (L/MIN) 20-40 25-50 40-70 50-90 60-100
Striking(BPM) 700-1200 600-1200 500-900 400-800 400-800
Soft hose diameter (INCH) 1/2 1/2 1/2 1/2 3/4
Breaker chisel diameter (MM) 45 53 68 75 85
Breaker chisel weight (KG) 8 12 16 22 48
Applicable carrier weight (T) 1.2-3.0 2.0-4.0 4-7 6-9 7-14


(3) Main technical parameters on medium duty hydraulic jack hammer for excavator

Model HY100 HY120 HY135 HY140 HY155
Breaker shell (KGS) 450 500 600 800 1450
Total weight (KG) 736 1374 1663 1700 2350
Size (MM) 1340*430*970 1475*530*1000 1610*530*1280 1660*530*1280 1900*635*1350
Driving oil pressure (KG/CM2) 150-170 150-170 180-220 190-230 230-260
Driving oil flow (L/MIN) 80-110 90-120 100-150 120-180 180-240
Striking(BPM) 350-700 350-650 350-600 350-500 300-450
Soft hose diameter (INCH) 3/4 3/4 1 1 1.2
Breaker chisel diameter (MM) 100 120 135 140 155
Breaker chisel weight (KG) 50 120 125 130 190
Applicable carrier weight (T) 11-16 12-18 18-23 19-25 25-30


(3) Main technical parameters on heavy duty hydraulic jack hammer for excavator

Model HY165 HY175 HY185 HY195
Breaker shell (KGS) 1500 1700 2100 2300
Total weight (KG) 3350 4102 4950 5260
Size (MM) 2010*650*1420 2310*715*1630 2240*750*1620 2460*750*1670
Driving oil pressure (KG/CM2) 260-280 260-280 280-300 280-320
Driving oil flow (L/MIN) 190-250 210-290 220-270 230-280
Striking(BPM) 300-450 200-350 180-220 180-200
Soft hose diameter (INCH) 1.2 1.2 1.2 1.2
Breaker chisel diameter (MM) 165 175 185 195
Breaker chisel weight (KG) 220 260 300 340
Applicable carrier weight (T) 30-36 36-42 42-48 48-55


Concrete Hydraulic Rock Breaker  Silence For 13 Ton Excavator 0

(4) Where are hydraulic excavator hammers used?

Hydraulic excavator hammers are used in below fields:

1. Mine mining

Mountain mining, mining, grid sieve crushing, secondary crushing

2. Metallurgy

Ladle, slag cleaning, demolition body, equipment foundation demolition

3. Railway

Mountain excavation, tunnel excavation, road and bridge demolition, roadbed consolidation

4. Road

Highway repair, cement pavement broken, foundation excavation

5. Municipal Garden

Concrete crushing, water, electricity and gas engineering construction, old city reconstruction

6. Building

Demolition of old buildings, broken reinforced concrete

7. Ship

Removal of clams and rust from the hull

8. Other fields

Break ice, break frozen soil, sand vibration


Concrete Hydraulic Rock Breaker  Silence For 13 Ton Excavator 1


(5) FAQ


1. Q: Are you a direct factory?

A: Yes, we are one big factory in China. And comprehensive strength of our company ranks top 3 in China market.

2. Q: How do you ship the concrete structures demolition hammers?

A: Usually we will cover demolition hammers with plastic film firstly, then load them into the container.

3. Q: When you will deliver the products after we place one order?

A: Usually 3-10 working days for the standard size. For customized hydraulic hammers, about 15 days

4. Q: What is your payment method?

A: L/C, T/T available for the payment. Usually 30% TT as deposit, 70% blanced by TT before shipping


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